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by Kaapo Annala on 5 Dec 2018

The Best AI Service in Finland, 2018

Last year at Slush, we demonstrated our AI-powered epilepsy monitoring service to a wider audience. Since then, we have doubled our efforts to provide a stronger and smarter deep learning system that can help neurologists to utilize the quantitative and objective data that we provide; something we already see providing better individualized treatment for patients with epilepsy. →

by Kaapo Annala on 11 Oct 2018

Tampere 2018 Innovation Award

The Neuro Event Labs leadership team has been selected as the winner of the 2018 Tampere City Innovation Award. The selection committee highlighted the team’s innovative solution utilizing the latest computer vision and machine learning technologies, combining those technologies to solve real problems in epilepsy. Neuro Event Labs’ product, Nelli, helps doctors to better diagnose and monitor patients, especially in home environments as part of the patient’s normal life. →

Core team

by Kaapo Annala on 14 Mar 2018

Press release: Neuro Event Labs receives new funding, joins 70 million euro Maki.vc investment fund

Neuro Event Labs has been selected in a new venture capital fund founded by leading Finnish technologists. The fund invests 500,000 Euros in the company. This complements an investment of 100,000 Euros by OmaMedical and 1.3 million Euros made by Business Finland, a Finnish national growth acceleration organization. The new fund being established, Maki․vc, will become a major Nordic venture capital fund with up to 70 million Euros (approx․ 86 million USD) total fund size. →

Shark tank

by Kaapo Annala on 17 Feb 2018

NEL selected one of TOP-6 finalists at major epilepsy conference in San Francisco

Neuro Event Labs will be pitching our epilepsy treatment solution at the 2018 Epilepsy Pipeline Conference, organized in San Francisco on February 22-23, 2018. We are among the 6 finalists who take part in a Shark Tank competition, pitching our solution to live conference attendees and a panel of judges - or Sharks - representing corporate executives, investors, physicians and scientists, and people living with epilepsy. →

Vagus nerve stimulator

by Kaapo Annala on 11 Feb 2018

NEL’s monitoring solution and VNS provide powerful results together

Tampere University Hospital (Tays), Neuro Event Labs’ key client, has been using our epilepsy monitoring solution together with a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS) to treat patients with epilepsy and to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. As part the cooperation, a Tays patient used NEL’s night-time epilepsy monitoring solution for a full month, right at the patient’s home. →


by Kaapo Annala on 29 Nov 2017

Disruptive machine vision at Slush

Startups are all about disrupting the status quo - finding a superior, often a high-tech, solution to a problem and changing how the markets work. This week, the Neuro Event Labs team will be attending Slush, one of the biggest startup events in the world. At Slush, we will demo a key element of our solution: a machine vision sensor that detects even the tiniest of disruptions in a person’s breathing. →

Success at Kasvu

by Kaapo Annala on 28 Oct 2017

NEL triumphs in country-wide business competition

Neuro Event Labs’ CEO Kaapo Annala pitched this week in Finland’s biggest company growth challenge, Kasvu Open. After making it to the top-10 finale (out of 839 companies), Neuro Event Labs took second place in the start-up series, as well as being voted the “audience choice” in a landslide victory. →


by Kaapo Annala on 10 Oct 2017

World-leading innovation in epilepsy with Tampere University Hospital

Tampere University Hospital has been one of our research partners since day one. Over the past 4 months, they’ve also expressed their gratitude as a happy customer. News of our cooperation can be found as an official press release, an article in the Finnish Medical Journal, and the Finnish Medical News (all articles in Finnish). →


by Kaapo Annala on 5 May 2017

Getting help in the thought process

I am sitting in a classroom, asking myself if our business model is sound also in real world — and not only in Finland, but elsewhere in world. Just a moment ago I thought we had been considering our product and business model from every possible angle. Some moments later, I’d formed a totally new view of one of the hardest obstacles in Neuro Event Labs’ path, which opened a few new options to overcome a problem we hadn’t thought of earlier. →


by Kaapo Annala on 5 Apr 2017

Medical Devices CE

Medical certification is a complicated landscape. In order to get an understanding of a process and find out what should be done, one encounters a significant amount of literature to process. Thankfully, there are people and services that can simplify this puzzle significantly. If you don’t want to read every page of every EU directive, their guidelines, hard-to-decipher pages of Finnish law, and make tens of phone calls just to understand how the actual process works, I can recommend some without hesitation. →


by Kaapo Annala on 13 Mar 2017

Year of learning

During the first years of existence, for most startups, the product and idea are evolving a lot. Quite often the original idea is no longer alive, but dumbed down due to good reasons when developing the idea further. We have also been developing the original idea of the NeuroEventLabs product further, mostly as an effect of the learning process with customers. →

New Factory award

by Jussi on 15 Feb 2016

Time flies

People tend to say time flies, when you’re having fun. Well, that’s at least what has happened for us. All of a sudden, I realized it was already February and that it’s been months since the last post on the site… time to fix that. We had truly an amazing 2015; the product has evolved greatly and so have we. →