18 Jun 2020 - by Kaapo Annala

€1.9M EU funding takes Nelli® available for all epilepsy patients

Neuro Event Labs (NEL) will use €1.9M EU Horizon 2020 grant to become the standard of care in epilepsy diagnostics. The competitive EU Horizon 2020 grant was only awarded to 1,4% of applicants. The jury highlighted the novelty, clear unmet need in the market, timing, and improvements over the current state of the art.

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders, affecting over 65 million people worldwide. To provide optimal treatment, it’s crucial to be able to define the type and frequency of seizures. 1/3 of diagnosed epilepsy patients suffer from uncontrolled seizures. Uncontrolled seizures are treatable using available treatment methods. Seizure management requires proper disease diagnosis. Currently, diagnosis relies on subjective and unreliable methods that results in high misdiagnosis.

COVID-19 has burdened the healthcare systems and challenged epilepsy care. The healthcare system needs digital and remote solutions to help patients. NEL offers exactly that through Nelli®. Nelli® is a clinically tested, remote diagnostic aid that provides objective, automated, cost effective seizure event detection and classification for doctors. It is used in the patient’s home which is crucial in these times of the coronavirus crisis. It interprets patient behaviors, movements, and sounds to provide seizure event information. All this without long waiting times for data analysis or high-risk visits to the hospital.

“There is a growing global need for objective and accurate epilepsy diagnostics to improve accuracy of epilepsy diagnosis but also individualize and optimize treatment of epilepsy patients. Nelli® disrupts the current methodology, well over a century’s old visual inspection, by bringing AI to the hands of doctors. This completely revolutionizes epilepsy,” explains Neuro Event Labs CEO Kaapo Annala.

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