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AI Seizure Monitoring

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Intended use cases


Accurately diagnose epileptic and non-epileptic events to help identify the correct treatment path.

Difficult case analysis

Collect quantitative, objective data, combined with in-depth analysis, to evaluate even the most difficult cases.

Better treatment

Capture 100% of night time seizures through continuous monitoring, versus 5-10% accuracy given by traditional seizure diaries.

Differential diagnostics

Classify patients based on seizure type, with greater specificity compared to self-reported seizure descriptions.

How it unfolds

Service timeline

service timeline service timeline service timeline Watch video

Available for hospital and home

Service Model

Nelli Pro Nelli Home
Active Monitoring Time 24 hours a day 12 hours a day (bed time)
Data Analysis Full Data Access
Summary Reports
Summary Reports
Data Delivery 2 hours 2 weeks
Hardware Multiple HD Cameras
Multiple Depth Sensors
Multiple Microphones
Base Station Pro
Single HD Camera
Depth Sensor
Dual Microphone
Base Station Mini
Intended For Hospital Monitoring Home Monitoring
Duration of Monitoring 1-10 days 14-30 days
Software Nelli Dashboard Nelli Dashboard