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AI Seizure Monitoring

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computer vision

The combination of a 120 million pixels per second 3D camera and advanced algorithms allow us to capture a level of detail which is more accurate than the human eye.

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machine intelligence

Nelli’s intelligence can recognise specific patterns of movement. As it builds its database, that specificity only gets better for each movement it learns to identify.

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cutting edge research

Nelli’s foundation is built on solid scientific research. We are expanding our evidence base to include investigator initiated research as well as our own clinical studies.

on the frontline of epilepsy monitoring

Revolutionary way to measure
objective epilepsy outcomes


reliable data

All relevant data is captured, building a reliable analysis of the patient’s seizure history.


seizure characteristics

Monitoring provides highly quantified and updated epilepsy data and accurate seizure characteristics.



Improved, individualized treatment paths for patients based on accurate patient data.



Monitoring can be done in a home environment, allowing the patient and the family member to live and sleep normally.



Doctors benefit from clear, visual reports that allow easy data comparison and video playback of seizure events.



The monitoring solution collects seizure data automatically and software algorithms identify seizure events from the data feed.

How does it work?

Ongoing research

Our solution is based on solid research. Learn more about ongoing projects.

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