Nelli® Seizures. Clearly.

Smart solution for seizure detection, combining AI and human expertise

Nelli personal recording unit and scattergram

Nelli® is CE-marked as a class I medical device according to Directive 93/42/EEC.

Nelli® is commercially available in the EU.

Nelli® has been granted Breakthrough Device Designation by
the FDA and is an investigational device in the USA.



Fast and accurate seizure detection at home and in the hospital


Objective and easy-to-use data provided by AI and reviewed by a human expert


Better diagnostics and improved follow up

Nelli® analyses and quantifies motion and sound activity that suggest seizure behavior in adults and children.

Nelli® consists of a Personal Recording Unit (PRU) with camera and microphone, a cloud-based server for patient data analysis and a web-based dashboard for viewing the results remotely.

Video and audio recordings of the patient are captured at home or in a healthcare facility. Relevant motions and sounds are analysed by trained AI algorithms and lead to a interactive report and scattergram that can be reviewed by the physician.

Research supports accuracy of seizure detection

In a study comparing Nelli® to VEEG in 90 patients

1 Data on file, depends on seizure type

In a study with 99 patients, using Nelli® led to

2 Data on file

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