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NEL triumphs in country-wide business competition

by Kaapo Annala on 28 Oct 2017

Neuro Event Labs’ CEO Kaapo Annala pitched this week in Finland’s biggest company growth challenge, Kasvu Open. After making it to the top-10 finale (out of 839 companies), Neuro Event Labs took second place in the start-up series, as well as being voted the “audience choice” in a landslide victory.

Neuro Event Labs showed the judges technology that has been proven to work, and the panel appreciated the existence of an established customer base. The judges saw an innovative solution to a real problem, with many possible future use cases.

Read more from STT and Kauppalehti (articles in Finnish).

New Factory award

by Jussi on 15 Feb 2016

Time flies

People tend to say time flies, when you’re having fun. Well, that’s at least what has happened for us. All of a sudden, I realized it was already February and that it’s been months since the last post on the site… time to fix that. We had truly an amazing 2015; the product has evolved greatly and so have we. →


by Kaapo Annala on 29 Nov 2017

Disruptive machine vision at Slush

Startups are all about disrupting the status quo - finding a superior, often a high-tech, solution to a problem and changing how the markets work. This week, the Neuro Event Labs team will be attending Slush, one of the biggest startup events in the world. At Slush, we will demo a key element of our solution: a machine vision sensor that detects even the tiniest of disruptions in a person’s breathing. →


by Kaapo Annala on 5 May 2017

Getting help in the thought process

I am sitting in a classroom, asking myself if our business model is sound also in real world — and not only in Finland, but elsewhere in world. Just a moment ago I thought we had been considering our product and business model from every possible angle. Some moments later, I’d formed a totally new view of one of the hardest obstacles in Neuro Event Labs’ path, which opened a few new options to overcome a problem we hadn’t thought of earlier. →