26 Sep 2019 - by Impartially produced by Trustmary

Nelli's data helped find the right treatment for Martta

Martta, 21, has epilepsy. As part of her treatment planning, she used the Nelli Home device from Neuro Event Labs. The device is designed for epilepsy monitoring at the patient’s own home. Nelli helped doctors find exactly the right treatment option for Martta, resulting in fewer night-time epilepsy seizures, for example.

Martta was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 4. Nelli was used to support her treatment by allowing her doctor to get as much data on her epilepsy seizures as possible. Home monitoring is an alternative to traditional video EEG recording that takes place at a hospital. In total, Nelli monitored Martta at home for about a month.

“Nelli monitored me all night every night. If I had a night-time seizure, Nelli recorded it,” says Martta.

“Martta has been in an inpatient video EEG recording at the hospital a few times before. She was filmed continuously for five days, night and day. The option provided by Nelli was much more versatile, as it provided the doctors with data from as many as 28 full nights. This is a really easy and convenient way to get high volumes of data on epilepsy and seizures,” Martta’s mother Taina notes.

“It really is, and it’s a much nicer option compared to going to the hospital,” Martta continues.

Fewer night-time seizures

Thanks to the data provided by Nelli, Martta’s doctor was able to find just the right treatment option for Martta. Now, the number of night-time seizures has decreased.

“Without Nelli, we might not even know which treatment works for Martta,” says Taina.

“Personally, I find it fantastic that research on epilepsy moves forward. It is really important. It helps in finding the right treatment and allowing young children to enjoy their lives despite epilepsy,” Taina concludes.