13 Mar 2017 - by Kaapo Annala

Year of learning

During the first years of existence, for most startups, the product and idea are evolving a lot. Quite often the original idea is no longer alive, but dumbed down due to good reasons when developing the idea further.

We have also been developing the original idea of the NeuroEventLabs product further, mostly as an effect of the learning process with customers. In our case, the original problem and key idea to solve it are very much still with us, but most elements of the product have evolved. Along our way in developing, experiencing our product with patients, neurologists and nurses, we have changed a lot of NeuroEventLabs service content, user interface, data collection and end results of service. Our customer and product segments have been evolving as well and will be evolving more when scaling our business to new markets. Changes in NEL operational responsibilities have brought also fresh new ideas, angles and solutions on the table. After all this learning, we have now crystallised our product concept and defined the roadmap of features towards which we are working with our customers at full speed.

We have been agreeing on several projects with nordic hospitals. Our focus in coming months is to execute those projects with high quality and provide value to our customers. At the same time, we are developing our product better and learning more. I’ll open up these projects more in coming blogs. We are so excited about these activities!

Neuro Event Labs’ focus for 2017 is the clinical use of our product. That means so much more in addition to actual use of our service by hospitals. That means meeting regulation requirements. That means research work both to back clinical care, but also technology and going beyond where no one has gone before. That means fine-tuning every detail of our product, both from a technical and user experience point of view.

I can’t wait to tell you more about our product and mentioned customer projects, so stay tuned!