15 Feb 2016 - by Jussi

Time flies

People tend to say time flies, when you’re having fun. Well, that’s at least what has happened for us. All of a sudden, I realized it was already February and that it’s been months since the last post on the site… time to fix that.

We had truly an amazing 2015; the product has evolved greatly and so have we. If I’d have to summarize the last few months somehow in one short sentence, it would be along the lines of constant and rapid learning. We’ve learned to do things, but also to prioritize. We’ve learned to talk about the company and the product, but also listen. And we’ve learned to stay focused on solving the problem that needs to be solved at any given time. And we will continue to learn also during this year. As mentioned in the first posts from last year, we participated to the New Factory startup incubator, and as the last thing just before Christmas time, took part on the pitching competition at New Factory – the picture in this post shows the end result of the competition. We have continued pitching in several events also this year, and continue to do so whenever there is an opportunity. As the joke says, you can tell an entrepreneur is pitching whenever his lips are moving 😉 This year will be truly a remarkable year.