Privacy Policy

We believe that your privacy is critically important. That’s why we handle your personal data with great care. This document describes how we manage and store the information of our applicants. If you want to know how this website handles your data, please click here.

All information in the Applicant CV Database of Neuro Event Labs Oy is treated confidentially.

Data controller:

Neuro Event Labs Oy (2712284-1)
Biokatu 10
33520 Tampere

Contact details:

Kaapo Annala, CEO
Neuro Event Labs Oy

How we use the information we collect

Data in the CV database will be handled solely for the purposes of the recruitment and employee selection process of Neuro Event Labs. By applying, the applicant consents to the processing and storing of their data in the applicant CV database.

The service provider processing and storing the data is Google Mail. Please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy for more information.

The collected data includes some or all of the following:

the applicant’s surname and first name;
phone number;
birth date;
work history and information related to professional skills;
applicants expectations for the applied position;
job application with the attachments (inc. cv, photo, certificates);
and other information provided by the applicant.

In addition to the above, Neuro Event Labs employees’ and subcontractors’ evaluations on the applicant’s suitability for the position and on the possible recruitment assignment are stored in the register.

An application will be kept on file for a maximum of six (6) months from the date of application, during which time the application can be reviewed and used to fill open positions. After 6 months the data will be deleted permanently. Upon the applicant’s request, the data will be removed from the register prior to that date.

Other sources of information are used if legislation allows. Disclosure and transfer of personal data Data recorded in the personal data file is not transferred regularly to a third party. Data controller can however use third party subcontractors in its recruitment and selection process. In these situations data can be transferred electronically to a third party as much as it is necessary required by Neuro Event Labs´s recruitment process.

In addition personal data can occasionally be transferred according to mandatory legislation.

The service provider may transfer personal data to servers and databases located in countries outside the EU or the EEA. Such transfers are conducted in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Data Security

The recorded data is only viewed by selected employees or subcontractors of Neuro Event Labs involved in the recruitment process. Each person and subcontractor who has access to the information has a non-disclosure commitment in relation to the information that they receive while handling the database. To protect personal data Neuro Event Labs operates a systematic security program that constantly improves the security practices.

Data in physical form

Data collected during the recruitment process is not stored in physical form in any manual register.

Data in electronic form

Data in electronic form is stored in the data systems of Google, subject to both hardware and software based methods of protection in order to ensure data security. Such measures include, but are not limited to logical (and physical) access control, monitoring, vulnerability scans, firewalls, server hardening and data encryption both in rest and in transit.

Right of access and correction of data

In compliance with the Personal Data Act, everyone is entitled to access the data regarding him/her that has been registered onto the personal data file. The request of access shall be made in writing, signed and delivered to the above-mentioned person in charge of matters relating to the personal data file.

Furthermore, pursuant to Personal data Act, the data subject is entitled to request rectification of erroneous or incomplete data contained in the personal data file. The request for rectification shall identify the error to be rectified, and provide the correct information. A written request for rectification shall be sent to the above-mentioned person in charge of matters relating to the personal data file.

Other rights of the job applicant are in accordance with applicable legislation.

If your personal information is stored in the register, you have the right to receive, inspect, and request correction or removal of data. You can send a written request to