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Nelli® for Patients

Nelli® is used at home or in hospital and provides the physician objective information to make treatment decisions.

The typical cases when Nelli® is used

Confirmed epilepsy

To find out the patient's current condition and help to adjust the treatment when needed.

Suspected epilepsy

Helping to find out if epileptic or non-epileptic events occur at night

Upcoming intervention

To find out the patient's condition before and after a medical intervention.

What happens during a Nelli® examination?

The physician prescribes a Nelli® examination for a patient. A Nelli® examination can be done at patient's home or at the hospital.

A small camera on a stand is installed in the patient's home for the patient to record their sleep and resting times. A Nelli® examination does not require any wearables on the patient. Patient can behave as usual during the examination.

Personal Recording Unit by a bed
Doctor receives interactive report

An examination at a patient's home is typically prescribed for 14 to 28 days. This way even the less frequently occurring seizures can be captured.


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