Experienced Web Developer

Job Overview:

Neuro Event Labs is looking for an experienced web pro to join the team. If you dream in TypeScript with pixel-perfect output, this may be the job for you!

We aim to fill this role with someone passionate about front-end development; we use TypeScript throughout the stack, but especially in our modern single-page app built with Angular. If you see yourself as more of a full-stack developer, you should still apply: we are a small team and each member wears many hats.

Our technology stack is built from modern, industry-standard components including:

  • TypeScript, SCSS, and Angular on the front-end (all cleanly coded, as we love linters and build automation!)
  • A continually-improving set of test automation (based on Playwright and Storybook) tools to ensure continuous integration and delivery (we use and love GitLab, by the way)
  • A lean TypeScript-based Serverless Node.js application in the backend (running in AWS Lambda and Kubernetes)
  • A strongly-typed (yes, TypeScript again!) SQL schema running on PostgreSQL
  • A set of containerized C++/Python applications for analyzing audio/video for clinically-relevant events
  • An “appliance” running embedded Linux for capturing and transferring clinical recordings

Our solution is based on a flexible AWS cloud infrastructure and optional “on-premises” private Kubernetes (OpenShift) cluster. With our global collection of recording appliances, we capture and process clinical video recordings, using a combination of signal processing and machine learning techniques for detecting clinically-relevant events. Our web-based dashboard provides doctors and nurses with an intuitive user interface to see an overview of seizure frequency and characteristics of monitored patients and to drill down to the details as needed.

Neuro Event Labs is a growing medtech company. Our product combines computer vision and machine learning to provide neurologists with data to make the right treatment decisions. Our mission is to help epilepsy patients and their doctors with our technology. We believe that everyone deserves a good life and that our product will contribute to better results in the treatment of epilepsy patients.

Our product provides a revolutionary tool for neurologists and nurses to treat epilepsy patients more efficiently than before. Our client feedback assures that we have succeeded in innovation and simplicity by offering medical experts valuable information in a pleasant and efficient way.

NEL is a multinational company and daily communication is mainly done in English. Fluent written and spoken English is required.

We offer:

  • Competitive market salary for a growing product company, with a possibility to join the company stock options program
  • Phone and lunch benefits
  • Standard occupational health care plan
  • Flexible working hours with hybrid remote/office to fit your own working style
  • Your choice of equipment (laptop/workstation, display, headphones, etc.)
  • Challenging tasks to be solved in a highly regulated medical environment; meaningful work every minute of the day
  • Caring team that believes in honest feedback
  • Shared enthusiasm about a state-of-the-art, innovative product

You should:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of hands-on software development experience
  • Have strong knowledge of web technologies including at least one modern front-end framework
  • Have a solid grasp of REST and working with data models in the front-end
  • Be comfortable using Linux as your daily driver
  • Embrace the agile mindset
  • Take pride in helping others to clear obstacles and reach development goals
  • Value clean code and good review practices

This is a full-time, continuous position. You would be preferably located in Tampere Finland, but remote work can also be considered. We value expertise, enthusiasm, and true commitment above all; the rest is negotiable.

Apply by 1 October 2023 by sending your application and CV to careers@neuroeventlabs.com. We’d love to hear more about who you are and what you are enthusiastic about.

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