Nelli system

What is Nelli?

Nelli is a deep learning system of algorithms that delivers quantitative and objective diagnostic insights.

treatment path points of contact

Use cases

Pre screening icon pre-screening for veeg

Cost saving: studies show that 30% of vEEG registrations are not based on EEG and could be done based on video monitoring.

Time saving: Quicker way to identify the correct treatment path, especially in case of non-epileptic problems.

Treatment efficacy icon treatment efficacy

Reliable data to doctors: traditional seizure diaries are very unreliable. Study shows that only 5–10% of night time seizures are captured by patients or family members.

Long monitoring period in home context to improve ROI: not all patients get seizures during the normal vEEG time window.

Difficult case analysis icon difficult case analysis

Quantitative, objective data: machine based system having accurate camera technology and algorithms in use, makes it possible more in depth analysis to find efficient treatment path.

Differential diagnostics icon differential diagnostics

Classification of patients based on seizure types.

Accuracy: higher data accuracy compared to human reported seizure descriptions.

Details: In-depth seizure breakdown.


What’s it made of?

Computer vision icon computer vision

Latest camera technologies allow achieving sub-millimeter accuracy. The captured data is run through a series of individual algorithms that are able to capture different movements and isolate the movements of individual body parts by using skeletonisation.

Deep learning icon machine intelligence

Advanced machine learning techniques are used to utilize the neural network in an optimal manner. The more data the system gets, the more intelligent it becomes. Every new data stream builds the data library.

Differential diagnostic icon smart diagnostics

Doctors benefit from flexible reporting features that visualize patient data. Doctors can, for example, compare data between different time ranges and even play back seizure videos.

how it unfolds

Service timeline


Referral icon referral

After a discussion, the doctor refers an epilepsy patient for NEL monitoring.


Installation icon installation

The sensor system is set up at the patient’s home or a hospital environment.


Recording icon recording

Non-intrusive cameras monitor the patient while sleeping.


Reporting icon reporting

Doctor receives the data online as pre-processed reports.

available for hospital and home

Service Model

Nelli Pro Nelli Home
Active Monitoring Time 24 hours a day 12 hours a day (bed time)
Data Analysis Full Data Access
Summary Reports
Summary Reports
Data Delivery 2 hours 2 weeks
Hardware Multiple HD Cameras
Multiple Depth Sensors
Multiple Microphones
Base Station Pro
Single HD Camera
Depth Sensor
Dual Microphone
Base Station Mini
Intended For In Hospital Monitoring Home Monitoring
Duration of Monitoring 1-10 days 14-30 days
Software Nelli Dashboard Nelli Dashboard