Technical assistant working with patients, Part time (UK)

Job overview:

Are you a people-oriented and service-minded person with a disciplined attitude towards work? Do you enjoy independent work? We are looking for a person located in Birmingham, UK to join our team to assist in the process of coordinating delivery and return of our camera systems to and from patient homes. Our service allows doctors to obtain objective data from their patients, whilst patients do not need to be hospitalized for this examination. The patients, children and adults, are living all around the UK.

You will work and be supported by our team in Finland. Extra support will be provided by our country manager who is also based in Birmingham. . However, this is an independent role which requires a disciplined and mindful attitude, careful process follow-up and cooperation with the wider team. We are looking for a caring individual who is keen to talk to patients and provide enhanced patient experience.

In this job you would be expected to maintain and monitor stores, prepare and package according to instructions and arrange delivery and returns to patients. Maintenance of our devices will also be required including disinfecting and system cleaning. You will also be in charge of contacting and training patients to set up and start recording in their homes.

The described Nelli service has already been implemented in Europe and now it is time to expand in the UK.

Company overview:

Neuro Event Labs is a Finnish company that has developed a home examination solution for people suffering from epilepsy. Our camera system records people while they sleep and automatically collects data for doctors. This way, people do not have to spend nights in hospitals and doctors can choose the best treatment for each patient. The solution is easy for a patient to use and extremely useful for the doctor - it’s a revolutionary way to contribute to better treatment.

The service operation in the EU area is coordinated from Finland, but we are now initiating a Nelli hotspot in Birmingham, UK to handle logistics, maintenance work and patient support across the UK.

So, your job would include:

  • Coordinating and agreeing delivery schedules with the patients
  • Managing the logistics and supporting the setup of recording units for patient’s
  • Answering questions and providing phone support for the patients
  • Able to be available flexibly for patient support outside office hours
  • Managing the storage and servicing of the camera systems when they are not in use

Here’s what would make you perfect for the job:

  • You take responsibility for your work and you can work independently
  • You speak fluent English
  • You have attention to detail, and you are not shy about interacting with other people
  • You might have previous experience of helping people as a nurse or similar roles
  • You are a caring individual who gets a great feeling from helping others
  • While this job does not require any medical or health care training, a nursing background is a definite plus.

We offer you:

  • Flexible, independent job and full compensation for the required travelling.
  • Training and clear instructions for doing your job – setting up the camera system is not difficult!
  • Good support from our team located in Finland.
  • A meaningful job that provides concrete help to people with epilepsy.

At first, this is a part-time job that would take 50% of a regular work week. We expect that the amount of work will increase and depending on your profile, you will have the opportunity to grow as we grow in the UK.

If this sounds like a job for you, then please get in touch so that we can talk more!

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