Multimedia Engineer

Neuro Event Labs is seeking a skilled and growth-minded Multimedia Engineer to strengthen our product development team. Multimedia serves a core part of our product, from audio/video capture at source, to processing within our analytics platform, to content delivery in the web browser. We utilize de-facto industry standards such as WebM, VP9, and WebRTC. GStreamer serves as a principal component of our stack.

Your responsibilities will range from debugging and optimizing GStreamer plugins within our embedded firmware, maintaining streaming applications within our cloud pipeline, enhancing our WebM-based content encryption throughout the system, and optimizing playback of video streams in the web browser. If you are inspired by video streaming pioneers like Netflix, think of what similar technologies can do for the world of epilepsy monitoring!

Neuro Event Labs is a growing medtech company. Our service combines computer vision and machine learning to provide neurologists with data to make the right treatment decisions. Our mission is to help epilepsy patients and their doctors through technology. We believe that everyone deserves a good life, and we believe that our product will contribute to better results in the treatment of epilepsy patients.

Our product provides a revolutionary tool for neurologists and nurses to treat epilepsy patients more efficiently than before. We currently operate across Northern and Central Europe and the UK with further expansion to US / North America.

NEL is a multinational company and daily communication is mainly done in English. Fluent written and spoken English is required.

We are looking for:

  • Practical hands-on experience with GStreamer or a similar multimedia pipeline framework
  • Stronger-than-average competence in hardware-accelerated video encoding/decoding
  • Experience working with cameras (auto gain / exposure, streaming APIs, buffer control, content protection)
  • Experience with audio streaming and capture, particularly correction of clock drift and maintaining audio-video linkage (synchronization)
  • Experience optimizing embedded software for best performance or memory consumption
  • Practical knowledge of debugging embedded systems, including Valgrind and other memory/performance profilers
  • Hands-on knowledge with WebRTC
  • Strong practical programming skills in C/C++; skills in other programming environments (especially HTML5 media APIs) are a bonus

We promise:

  • Challenging tasks to be solved in a highly regulated medical environment
  • Meaningful work every minute of the day
  • Caring team that believes in honest feedback
  • Shared enthusiasm about a state of the art, innovative product
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn

This is a full-time position. We offer a competitive salary and other benefits. We value expertise, enthusiasm, and true commitment above all; the rest is negotiable.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

To apply, send an application and your CV to We’d love to hear more about who you are and why this position is your next job!

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