Embedded platform engineer

Neuro Event Labs is looking for a new key player to join our platform team as Embedded Platform Engineer. Our fleet of medical devices runs a hardened, Yocto-based Linux firmware image. Minimalism and security are highly valued aspects in this environment.

Your role would be to contribute to the maintenance and development of this firmware, as well as supporting infrastructure such as device provisioning and remote diagnostics. You can expect to debug complex packaging issues, including hands-on device challenges involving drivers and firmware. You may be asked to debug and author userspace daemons, interact with the service manager (systemd), and set up test environments to verify firmware builds. Your daily work may involve improving device security by introducing new hardening mechanisms (and trying to break them!). You will also get familiar with our Continuous Integration (CI) environment to ensure test coverage and build quality.

Neuro Event Labs is a growing medtech company. Our service combines computer vision and machine learning to provide neurologists with data to make the right treatment decisions. Our mission is to help epilepsy patients and their doctors through technology. We believe that everyone deserves a good life, and we believe that our product will contribute to better results in the treatment of epilepsy patients.

Our product provides a revolutionary tool for neurologists and nurses to treat epilepsy patients more efficiently than before. We currently operate across Northern and Central Europe and the UK with further expansion to US / North America.

NEL is a multinational company and daily communication is mainly done in English. Fluent written and spoken English is required.

We hope to see from you:

  • Strong understanding of core Linux components and how they fit together
  • Prior experience with Yocto or a comparable build system
  • Strong skills in shell scripting
  • Networking/firewall experience
  • Linux application containerization (e.g., podman or systemd-nspawn)
  • Capability to debug system-level challenges, such as missing binaries or firmware bundles
  • Practical knowledge of Secure Boot, LUKS, SELinux, and general Linux kernel hardening
  • Sufficient system administration knowledge to contribute to CI tests and improvements

We promise:

  • Challenging tasks to be solved in a highly regulated medical environment
  • Meaningful work every minute of the day
  • Caring team that believes in honest feedback
  • Shared enthusiasm about a state of the art, innovative product
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn

This is a full-time position. We offer a competitive salary and other benefits. We value expertise, enthusiasm, and true commitment above all; the rest is negotiable.

If you have any questions, please contact us at careers@neuroeventlabs.com.

To apply, send an application and your CV to careers@neuroeventlabs.com. We’d love to hear more about who you are and why this position is your next job!

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