Data Science Researcher

Neuro Event Labs is a growing medtech company. Our product combines computer vision and machine learning to provide neurologists with data to make the right treatment decisions. Our mission is to help epilepsy patients and their doctors with our technology. We believe that everyone deserves a good life, and we believe that our product will contribute to better results in the treatment of epilepsy patients.

Our product uses night-mode cameras, depth sensors, and audio recording to detect epilepsy symptoms from patients. We work with large multimedia datasets and crunch numbers both in the cloud and at the edge in our embedded devices. Data science experts in the team are developing video and audio processing algorithms for detecting and classifying epileptic seizures.

We are looking for one more Data science researcher to strengthen our team with experience and a background in academic research. In this position you would be expected to conduct research projects with the rest of the data science team and top neurologists worldwide. To be fit for the job you need to have strong expertise in at least one of the following: signal processing, machine learning, measurement technologies or video processing.

We promise:

  • Challenging tasks to be solved on a daily basis

  • Meaningful work every minute of the day

  • A caring team that believes in honest feedback

  • Shared enthusiasm about a state of the art, innovative product

You should:

  • Exhibit foundational knowledge of the data science field

  • Have software development skills

  • Be unafraid of work or challenges and enjoy learning

  • Have enthusiasm and stubbornness to solve tough problems

  • Be able to produce results for doctors and write academic papers in excellent English language

This is a full-time, continuous position. However, if your situation requires other solutions, we are open to discussion. You must be located in (or able to relocate to) Tampere, Finland to be eligible for this position. But above all, we value expertise, enthusiasm and true commitment. If you have any questions, please call Karoliina at +358 41 535 3276.

To apply, send an application and your CV to We’d love to hear more about who you are and what turns your brain on.

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